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"Screen Excellence A.T woven projection surfaces are perfect for use in our industry. Combining excellent colour neutrality with a flat frequency response and a minimal insertion loss, the screens provide the most accurate reproduction of video available and a precise stereo image when needed. Screen Excellence screens work so well for us at ENVY that we have installed them in every one of our seven projection studios."

Daniel Sassen - Head of Technical Operations, ENVY Post Production

"When designing the new ATMOS near-field dubbing theatre at Twickenham Studios we wanted to create design coherent with the with look and sound quality of our other dubbing theatres. The acoustic transparency of the Enlightor 4K woven surface is second to none and allows for a clear sonic range, particularly in the higher frequencies, compared to other perforated screens. The visual properties of the screen are also of a high standard, allowing for a great picture with minimal light reflections. Even when not using a 4K projector, which this screen will no doubt be able to manage with ease, the picture is high quality."

Tom Larby - Twickenham Studios

"When we were designing our new film mixing stage at Loudness Films, we wanted to improve the resolution of the monitoring system, but the “classical” perforated screens were an obstacle that we couldn’t get past. We needed a radical change in our approach, and that’s when we found Screen Excellence’s acoustically transparent screens. After installing the Enlightor 4K surface, our system retained it’s definition and the stereo image was something we had never experienced before in a cinema theatre."

Branko Neskov - Loudness Film

“Obviously, for me (as the designer of dubbing theatres) the sound quality is of great importance. I continue to be very impressed by the extra sonic transparency of the Enlightor 4K woven screen and have specified Screen Excellence surfaces for studio designs in Portugal, Russia, France, Brazil and India. The sound quality is not only due to the acoustic-transparency of the screen, per se, but also because the 8 to 10 dB of extra transparency at high frequencies, compared to some perforated screens, requires up to ten times less power to be driven into the high-frequency loudspeakers to achieve the same sound level in the theatres, which enables them to operate with much less stress on the diaphragms. It is a cleaner sound, all round.”

Philip Newell - Philip Newell Acoustic Design


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